CI/CD for your microservices. Using Oracle Wercker and Oracle Kubernetes Engine

Agility is a key aspect on our development, deployment and operations approach. When u build applications using a microservices architecture, u need agility to build, package & ultimately deploy. This session is about how to automate all the CI/CD cycle for your containers using Oracle Technology.


The presentation will focus on three main points: 1. Oracle Wercker as the CI/CD server 2. Oracle Kubernetes Engine 3. microservices using microprofile This presentation will create a Kubernets Cluster from Scratch, will also create a microservice from scracth, will also create a CI/CD pipeline from scratch, and showcase how the mix of this technologies (Wercker, OKE and Helidon) can offer you agility while developing and deploying microservices. Oracle has a good platform for modern architectures, and the idea of this session is to showcase it. The session will also highlight the fact that all these technologies are based on standards, and how relevant is this for a cloud-native ecosystem. The presentation is focused on both developers and operators who want to learn how Oracle platform is capable to pretty much automate all the lifecycle from building , tesing and finally deploy.