Clustering Strategies for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications on the Cloud

Ever thought of implementing a modern cloud architecture with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications but don’t know which practices to follow? This talk will highlight a set of common strategies and recommendations that will help you implement robust scalable cluster solutions!


One of the common concerns that surges when developing a scalable service architecture using the Java EE (or Jakarta EE) framework is how to plan and design your application components in order to fulfill the most important non-functional requirement of all: scalability. The backbone of many scalable architectures is a robust and flexible clustering model that allows your applications to handle as many load as needed, and when the opportunity arises, increase or decrease the capacity of your infrastructure as required.

Nowadays, with the advent of cloud architectures and containers, provisioned by technologies like Docker and Kubernetes and providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, the need for elastic scalable applications is more than ever. With the latest developments on bot the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile frameworks, there are strong foundations to develop applications that comply with these criteria.

This talk will go over some of the common scenarios for cloud architectures and will highlight the usual challenges that have to be considered when developing of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications. We will go through most known APIs and will also propose some strategies that can be follow when planning how to cluster these applications.

We’ll showcase these scenarios by using the Payara Platform as a sample vendor.